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  • Daywalker Series
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The Devil is in the Details

Nothing brightens up my day like hunting demons. I find them. They die. That’s the order of things.

The Broken Halos Series

Venus Trap

If she kills him before he traps her, Earth will be destroyed!

Hidden Portals trilogy


Never trust a vampire farther than you can throw a stake, that’s what I always say.

Daywalker Series


Welcome to Daywalker Academy, where blood has nothing to do with family.

Daywalker Series


Blood can betray you, but it never lies ...

Daywalker Series


The greatest currency in a war for power ... is blood.

Daywalker Series


No victory is worth the blood of the ones you love ...

Daywalker Series

The Last Note prequal

A seductive tune. An infuriating cat. Three immortal brothers searching for answers.

The Last Note Series


A deadly curse. A young woman determined to survive. A mysterious stranger willing to do anything to save her.

The Last Note Series

The Cursed Kingdom

The world knew him as Alexander the Great. Bela knew him as the man who stole her heart.

Stand alone novels

Secret origins

I don’t remember my past. I barely have a future. But, I have today and that is all a predator like me needs.

The Courtless Fae series

Who am I

Words. Those sounds that mean nothing, yet, they mean everything. Words shape our lives when we don’t know better...until we do.

Semiramis series

Semiramis Awakened

She has a destiny. They will do everything in their power to prevent her from fulfilling it. The realms will burn!

Semiramis series

Semiramis Reborn

When you stare long enough at the abyss, the abyss starts staring back!

Semiramis series

The Obsidian Throne

An elusive throne, a mad vampire king, and a powerful seer. Sounds like a terrifying combination, right? Wrong. Not when fate is involved.

Hidden Portals trilogy


Their veins might be made of ice, but her blood will eviscerate them to ashes.

Daywalker Series