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Semiramis Series Book 1


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“I’ve never realized before that I was still sitting in a cage made out of other people’s expectations with the door wide open, too afraid to step out.”


If you can’t kill them…

You better run…


Controlling the most evil creatures in all the worlds was not on Charlie’s to do list. Nevertheless, that’s what this assassin mage must do.

Easy to say, but impossible to do when you accidentally open the Gate of the Gods.

Bound to the Necronomicon, she must confront much more than the ghost from her past. With the stakes being so high, Charlie’s new found ally realizes he can’t take any chances. Nigel will go as far as he can to protect her from everyone, even himself.

Being endowed with enormous powers may have its perks… Hey, what’s a girl to do when the world thinks you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread?


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Because Helena may not be the same … not after she has crossed the veil.

The devil is in the details

Nothing can brighten up a day like hunting demons...OR...like opening up the portal to Hell!

Speak of the Devil

She was his to protect, but they stole her away...

Encounter with the Devil

There is no sin in cheating the Devil.

The Devil in Disguise

Evil has many faces...There is a piece of the Devil in all of us.

To Look the Devil in the Eye

The Devil comes as everything you’ve ever wanted...

Better the Devil you Know

When in Hell, only the Devil can point the way out.

Better the Devil you Know

“You may be made of light, angel, but good you are not. Heaven’s hands are washed in too much blood to be able to claim it just for themselves.”

- The Broken Halos Series Book 6


“A Goddess cannot be invited from the outside. She can only be awakened inside and you already did that … Why are you afraid?”

- Semiramis Series Book 2

To Look the Devil in the Eye

“Words have power, Eric.” My trembling fingers almost drop the last piece of bread I’m holding. “Hearing things spoken can screw you up. If you keep telling a healthy person that they are sick, they’ll eventually die believing it to be true.”

- The Broken Halos Series Book 5

Risorgimento – Reborn

“How do you feel?” His eyes soften and he cups my face … Embracing him, pressing my lips to his ear, I inhale his scent. “Mhhh…I think I feel used.”

- New Blood Rising Book 1

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Better the Devil you Know


Last Note

Semiramis Awakened


Risorgimento - Rebirth

Venus Trap