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Semiramis Series Book 1


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“I’ve never realized before that I was still sitting in a cage made out of other people’s expectations with the door wide open, too afraid to step out.”

Payback is a Witch book cover


Magical ambitions of a Ferrari, but the skill of a Go-cart.That would be me. If profanities were magic, I would be Merlin, yet here I am wasting my “French” on the ungrateful.

Story of my life!

When a spell goes wrong, there is no turning back, nor can you trade designer clothing to make things right. You gotta be kidding me.

That’s ludicrous!

I’d trade my firstborn for a pair of Louboutin’s, but not everyone has class.

Everyone wants to jump to my rescue, but I’m having none of that. How about while I’m drowning in a proverbial creek, throw me an “f-ing” paddle or get out of my way.

I’ve got this.

Actually… I don’t. But I’ll find a way out of this mess.

My grandmother again conveniently forgot to share many secrets. With every new lie I discover a truth and in every truth I uncover more lies.

That’s fine.

With demons ready to devour me whole, Danika can wait in line. She will learn her lesson as soon as I claw my way out of this Hell.


Payback is a witch!

Grab your copy!


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Because Helena may not be the same …
not after she has crossed the veil.

The devil is in the details

Nothing can brighten up a day like hunting demons...OR...like opening up the portal to Hell!

Speak of the Devil

She was his to protect, but they stole her away...

Encounter with the Devil

There is no sin in cheating the Devil.

The Devil in Disguise

Evil has many faces...There is a piece of the Devil in all of us.

To Look the Devil in the Eye

The Devil comes as everything you’ve ever wanted...

Better the Devil you Know

When in Hell, only the Devil can point the way out.

Better the Devil you Know

“You may be made of light, angel, but good you are not. Heaven’s hands are washed in too much blood to be able to claim it just for themselves.”

- The Broken Halos Series Book 6


“A Goddess cannot be invited from the outside. She can only be awakened inside and you already did that … Why are you afraid?”

- Semiramis Series Book 2

To Look the Devil in the Eye

“Words have power, Eric.” My trembling fingers almost drop the last piece of bread I’m holding. “Hearing things spoken can screw you up. If you keep telling a healthy person that they are sick, they’ll eventually die believing it to be true.”

- The Broken Halos Series Book 5

Risorgimento – Reborn

“How do you feel?” His eyes soften and he cups my face … Embracing him, pressing my lips to his ear, I inhale his scent. “Mhhh…I think I feel used.”

- New Blood Rising Book 1

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    Better the Devil you Know


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    Risorgimento - Rebirth

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