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To Look the Devil in the Eye

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The Broken Halos Series – book 5

“The Devil comes as everything you’ve ever wanted…”

Defeating the jinn was the biggest ordeal for Helena and Eric, until Satan resurfaced, demanding to see his daughter.  Even though reluctant to give in to his demands, meeting the devil might be their only advantage in the battle of the realms.

When Helena’s destiny is revealed, an even greater burden is placed on her shoulders. Heaven and Hell must work together to stop the looming threat, otherwise humankind will pay the price.

Helena will have to face the challenge head on, or fate will tighten the noose around her neck. She has to make a choice.

The choice…

Is she brave enough to stand for humanity, or will she become their doom?

And if the latter comes to pass, will Eric be strong enough to destroy the woman he loves to save them all?

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