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Better the Devil you Know

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The Broken Halos Series – book 6

“When in Hell, only the Devil can point the way out.”

The jinn unleashed the Devil as well as a Prince of Hell after Helena’s demise. Now, not even Heaven is a safe place to hide.

When abominable creatures manifest and start feasting on mortal souls, only one Archangel is willing to keep their mission alive.

Devastated that he could not prevent the loss of his charge, Raphael will do anything to bring Helena back to life.

The sacrifice will leave only broken halos, but fate has no time for indecisive minds.

Would an Archangel turn his back on Heaven in order to save just one life?

Will that decision save them all, or unravel the thread of life?

Because Helena may not be the same … not after she has crossed the veil.

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