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Foresaken heart by Maya Daniels

Forsaken Heart

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Forsaken Destiny – Book 3

Echo’s latest decisions may cost her the lives of her mates. Forsaking her destiny was not an issue,  but forsaking her heart is another matter all together. Believing the trouble is behind her leaves her open for a battle of epic proportions-one she may not be able to fight her way out of.

When Echo unleashes the full extent of her magic on the Fae realm, she almost destroys everything. Including the king. But she holds back just enough to assure her father’s survival. If she knew what would be coming for her, she wouldn’t have.

The Fae king might’ve admitted defeat, but when it comes to his daughter, he is far from done. In order to stay in the human realm, she reveals power he will do anything to confiscate. If killing her mates will help him achieve that, it’ll please him to no end.

Whether Echo survives or not is of little importance.

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