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Give the devil his due by Maya Daniels

Give the Devil his Due

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The Broken Halos series – Book 7

“The path to Hell is paved in good intentions.”

Despite the moment of peace, Helena can’t let the past stay where it belongs. And digging deeper into her mother’s death only leads to more discoveries that bring everything to a head.

Determined to right all the wrongs, she is blindsided by horrific truths. She came to terms with being Satanael’s daughter—much to everyone’s dismay—but nothing could’ve prepared her for the wrath her mother’s presence brings.

While the jinn think they are safe behind locked portals, Eric struggles to keep his mate in line. But the Fates are weaving a new thread in the life of the halfbreed. Helena’s existence is connected to more than just Hell’s gate.

And it’s time to pay the price.

The Devil always takes his due.

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