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The Devil is in the Details

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The Broken Halos Series – book 1

Nothing brightens up my day like hunting demons.

I find them. They die. That’s the order of things.

Well, until Eric. Why does he have to be so damn yummy? It’s messing with my scorecard.

I let him live long enough to learn a few unsavory things about the Order, including the fact that they want me dead.

After all the kills, all my loyalty, this is how I’m treated? I believe in justice, but that’s not how the Order sees it. My blood could open a portal to Hell, so it’s “off with her head!” That’s their solution, the numbskulls.

It’s time to learn who I am, which means going against all my instincts and asking myself to which side I really belong—Heaven?

Or Hell?

The Devil is in the Details is the first book in a complete 6-book urban fantasy paranormal romance series. Helena is a badass hunter with a healthy dose of sass. Eric is her demon who you’ll love to hate and he has no problem adding some sinful steam to the pages, so watch out or you might get burned!

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