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Daywalker Academy Series – book 1

Never trust a vampire farther than you can throw a stake, that’s what I always say.

Yet, here I am, rubbing shoulders with the bastards at Daywalker Academy.

Somebody is killing half bloods—half bloods like me. My job is to find the killer. By the time this is done, the title “Agent Francesca Drake” is going to strike fear in the undead hearts of my enemies.


It’s easy to forget my place among the pure bloods with vampires like Zoltan doing sinful things to my heart. Maybe he’s just a distraction, one that I have no problem indulging in. Except, with the board members hoarding secrets and my boss definitely up to something, I realize I need to get my shit together.

There’s something in my blood the Daywalkers want and if I trust the wrong person, I can kiss my life goodbye.

Investigated is the first book in the Urban Fantasy Daywalker series featuring sinful vampires and sexy fae. If you don’t like snark, twists and turns, or steamy scenes then this series is not for you!

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