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Secret origins

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The Courtless Fae series – book 1

I don’t remember my past. I barely have a future.
But, I have today and that is all a predator like me needs.

Being part of the protective force of the supernatural world was a task I grudgingly accepted. It’s better than having to deal with the ghosts from my past that have been haunting my every dream. With shadows lurking at the back of my mind, I embraced the kill or be killed attitude with gusto.

When the two worlds threaten to collide, I realize I’m up to my neck in trouble. Tricked and manipulated, I find myself standing in the eye of the storm.

Having no memory of the past does not mean my old life won’t catch up with me.
As for the shadows that were lurking on the edges of my mind…

They are alive.

They are coming.

What they fail to see is this – I have no intention of being an easy prey.

My name is Myst, and everyone is about to learn that there are scarier things than them lurking in the dark.

Secret Origins is the first book in the Urban Fantasy paranormal romance The Courtless Fae series featuring a kickass heroine and sexy fae. Myst has a mouth on her and questionable morals. If this bothers you then skip this read.

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