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Pitch a witch by Maya Daniels (Journals of Forbidden Witchery Book 2)

Pitch a Witch

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Journals of Forbidden Witchery – Book 2

Being hunted was the perfect excuse for a shopping spree. Just because I was going to die didn’t mean I couldn’t go down in style. 

My grandmother said it was idiotic. I didn’t agree … until I came face to face with a demon and the bastard ate my Prada shirt.

Like, who does that?

You’d think he’d be into souls, not silk, right? But it could have something to do with my spastic magic.

My rogue powers were what got me into this mess. And now I was shackled with River Blackman.

In just a few hours, the arrogant male made me regret everything—including the day I was born. Unfortunately, my little fiasco with the fashion-munching demon came with a price, so I had to play nice with the high priest.

The problem?

River had secrets of his own. And if the skeletons in his closet were ever unleashed, we’d both wish we were dead. 

As if I needed more help in the kick-bucket department.

I was ready to pitch a witch…

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