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verlasting fire by Maya Daniels

Everlasting fire

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Infernal Regions for the Unprepared – Book 3

An undead heart can still bleed if wounded by the right weapon.

Lost in bloodlust, Brooklyn doesn’t recognize a friend from a foe. In her case, truths come to light will be her undoing.

Dominic is left to pick up the pieces of a woman he’s grown to respect. While she murders her way across the city, he’s busy looking for a cure. Sometimes, though, you can’t fix what’s irreparably broken unless you take drastic measures.

He will use Alice to bring Brooklyn back to herself.

The panther shifter knows Brooklyn’s humanity won’t let her kill her friend, but if the plan doesn’t work, he will do more damage than the Syndicate ever could.

And it might mean the end to everything, including Brooklyn’s life.

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