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The Obsidian Throne

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Hidden Portals – Book 3

An elusive throne, a mad vampire king, and a powerful seer. Sounds like a terrifying combination, right? Wrong. Not when fate is involved.

The vampire king, Claude, has had his eyes on the throne for as long as he can remember. Finally within reach, he only has to do one thing to claim it: escape the voices in his head—the ones making him do horrendous things. Finding his mate was never part of his plan. But in his attempt to achieve the one thing he’s wanted, he might lose it all, including his immortal life. Which might not be a bad thing if it means he can finally be alone in his own head.

Ivy spent centuries enduring the twisted desires of Lazarus. She braved it all with dignity and pride, knowing in her heart that good things come to those who wait. As a Dreamwaver, she sees future events long before they happen. Well, she’s supposed to, but she never saw Claude coming. She’d known the mad vampire king had to die, but that was before she knew he was her fated mate. Now it’s her choice.

She can reveal the Obsidian Throne, or she can follow her heart. And no matter what she chooses, everyone she cares about will die.

Fate can be a pretty twisted witch…