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Payback is a Witch book cover

Payback is a Witch

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Journals of Forbidden Witchery – Book 4

Magical ambitions of a Ferrari, but the skill of a Go-cart.That would be me. If profanities were magic, I would be Merlin, yet here I am wasting my “French” on the ungrateful.

Story of my life!

When a spell goes wrong, there is no turning back, nor can you trade designer clothing to make things right. You gotta be kidding me.

That’s ludicrous!

I’d trade my firstborn for a pair of Louboutin’s, but not everyone has class.

Everyone wants to jump to my rescue, but I’m having none of that. How about while I’m drowning in a proverbial creek, throw me an “f-ing” paddle or get out of my way.

I’ve got this.

Actually… I don’t. But I’ll find a way out of this mess.

My grandmother again conveniently forgot to share many secrets. With every new lie I discover a truth and in every truth I uncover more lies.

That’s fine.

With demons ready to devour me whole, Danika can wait in line. She will learn her lesson as soon as I claw my way out of this Hell.


Payback is a witch!

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