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Book cover image for "Witch Please" by USA Today Bestselling Author Maya Daniels. Book 3 of the Journals of Forbidden Witchery series.

Witch Please

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Journals of Forbidden Witchery – Book 3

Just when I thought things were looking up, Fate had to kick me in the kidneys.

The worst thing that could happen after getting close and personal with Death was being stuck with a womanizer as a babysitter. If River would’ve kept his pants up, none of us would be in this mess now.

They told me power corrupted irrevocably, but I knew unlimited magic twisted a mind absolutely. Just look at my grandmother. Not even the shifters could fix this shit.

Now, I must find an Archdemon on the loose and prevent a master vampire from gnawing on my neck. Let’s not forget dodging a murderous scorned lover—and I wasn’t even the one getting laid.

Everyone trying to protect me thought I was about to go down. Hard.

The nerve on some people.

I had one thing to say to all of them. Especially to the woman that raised me.

Witch, please.

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