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Stolen Oath, USA Today Bestselling Author, Maya Daniels

Stolen Oath

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Honor among thieves – Book 2

Alaska never thought she’ll find herself in the middle of a family drama, yet her life depends on her ability to resolve it quickly. Witches and shifters never mixed well, but the proud thief ended deep to her eyeballs in fur.

Dimitri’s inherited legacy holds more secrets than either of them expected after the original fiasco with the spell book. His father may not remember anything about Alaska, thanks to the blood magic potion, but that won’t stop him from removing his son out of the way at any cost.

To make matters worse, wedding plans are in full swing that bring to light unwillingly given promise that appears set in stone.

Alaska’s determination has no bounds. If she could steal someone’s magic, there must be a way to steal a falsely taken oath. All she had to do is find the right spell.

If only things were that easy.

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