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Dark Ambitions by Maya daniels

Dark Ambitions

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Brigit Grey’s Misfortunes series – Book 1

Brigit Grey has a dark secret…a secret that if ever revealed, she can kiss her life goodbye.

Brigit thought nothing can disturb her peaceful life. When strange things start happening around her, she realized you don’t need to look for trouble, for trouble to find you.

With a help from a tall, dark and handsome stranger Brigit recklessly uses her hidden powers to save a life. A good deed repaid with a coven of dark mages gunning for her head, and everything she’s built for herself unraveling at the sims.


Instead of running, Brigit must face the truth about who and what she is. If the secret she’s been rigorously protecting is not the death sentence she expected it to be…what other misfortunes are lurking in the darkness ready to rip her life apart?

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