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Forsaken Fate

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Forsaken Destiny – Book 2

Echo is caught in a whirlwind with four mates, one of which she has tried to evade this whole time, and finding it extremely difficult. The mate bond only complicates things further driving her to make decisions recklessly.

In a battle of wills between her and her father, the Fae king will only accept the betrothed- her one true bond. Adding to her troubles is the guard sent to bring her back home. If Echo wants to keep the life she’s built in the human realm, she needs to get creative, fast.

With destiny pinning her to the wall, she must fight to maintain her independence. Keeping her fated mates will not be easy. Her betrothed must prove himself worthy of the sacrifices she will have to make.

Will he denounce the right to the throne or will she break the mate bond?

Echo gives him an ultimatum.

Will he choose power, or love?

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