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Semiramis Reborn

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Semiramis series – Book 2

When you stare long enough at the abyss, the abyss starts staring back!

Having suffered to her breaking point, Alexia is hungry for vengeance and eager to unravel the mystery of her calling. But darkness is closing in from all sides, threatening her sisters’ lives and her own immortal soul. In this vicious battle to survive, Alexia must determine who she can trust… if anyone.

Thrust into a world of fantastical beasts and divine creatures, Alexia finds herself ensnared by the twisted agendas of those around her. Some wish to challenge her power, others to manipulate her destiny. To protect all she’s built, she turns to Lucifer—the first of the fallen—to be tutored in the ways of the realm.

Can Alexia find the peace she craves in the tempting presence of the Angel of Darkness?

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