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Daywalker Academy Series – book 3

Blood can betray you, but it never lies …

The portals are breached, and Zoltan has been taken. Now, Francesca must uncover more than just a mysterious killer.

Backed into a corner by human hunters, a mage determined to destroy everything, and a demigod set to ruin them all, agent Drake refuses to be a pawn.

Having to rely on others is new territory for Francesca, but she needs to adapt if she hopes to save the one she loves. Good thing creating chaos along with her stubborn streak has never failed her before.

When new discoveries about herself come to light, she follows the one path no one expected. Instigate a new order, while revealing her true identity. To achieve this, Francesca will do what she does best … fight.

Having the ultimate weapon running through her veins, all she needs to do is bleed. One drop, and she will expose even the old gods who terrify them all.

They will all discover a simple truth, blood never lies…

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