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Daywalker Academy Series – book 5

No victory is worth the blood of the ones you love …

Threats have unpredictable outcomes with Francesca.  With the looming danger, she does the unexpected again. Much to Zoltan’s dismay, she has risen Soren, the one uninterested in anything but his own peace.

The Fae is awake and determined to indulge the one giving him a new will to walk among the living. But the moral compass between him and Francesca when it comes to everyone else differs in many ways. Enough to make the half-blood  regret her hasty decisions.

While Drake is struggling to justify waking the powerful Dragon Blood, Zoltan is fighting a war of his own. The evil has extended its reach, but it is no match for a ferocious Daywalker determined to protect his mate. He will not give up Francesca even to save them all.

Will the den of the beasts finally meet its end from within?

Incensed by the injustice of it all, Francesca is barely reining in her wrath…